Participate in CRC-P DeepIoT Project

Redwood Technology has signed as one of the 7 participating companies of DeepIoT project.

DeepIoT is an Australian Commonwealth grant Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P), which aims to develop a new hybrid wireless IoT platform for undergrand mines.

Project Description

Wireless technologies are coming to underground mines. But these technologies are mostly deployed separately, so are poor in performance, cost and effciency.

DeepIoT will develop a World 1st Hybrid Wireless IoT Network integrating 4 major wireless technologies into a single platform, leading to major improvements and more applications.

Comprehensive applications, 12 wireless devices (in 3 priorities), 3 independent system products and corresponding software will be developed and commercialised mainly in underground mines globally with potential in other industries.

DeepIoT platform and designed applications not only boost the productivity and safety of mine but also open the door toward the future digital mine and complete automation.

There are five main closely related outcomes:

Outcome 1: DeepIoT Platform

This hybrid platform integrates 4 wireless technologies: WiFi, UWB, BLE and RFID into a single system, which covers both high bandwidth and low bandwidth for different applications.

If the timeframe and budget allow, another wireless technology LoRa may also be added into the scope.

Based on this platform, various legacy systems can be integrated into DeepIoT, such as hardwired industrial buses and wireless leaky feeders.

DeepIoT will be designed ready to connect any wireless devices including the newly developed devices, the upgraded current stationary devices such as camera, or the standalone device such as portable gas detector by adding DeepIoT wireless modules.

Outcome 2: Immediate DeepIoT applications

The project will develop 12 terminal devices, including:

  • 5 tracking tags:
    • flagship model of cordless caplamp
    • lightweight model of cordless caplamp
    • wrist tag
    • vehicle tag
    • on-board-unit for Collision Warning System
  • 7 application devices:
    • messaging belt tag
    • message board
    • multi-function sign
    • traffic light
    • thermal camera
    • vehicle oil condition monitors
    • general data transmitter

All of these tags and devices will be designed as intrinsic safety suitable for underground coal mines and uranium mine and include at least one of four wireless technologies.

The planned devices will cover the following applications:

  • person and asset tracking
  • fleet management
  • zone management
  • access control
  • emergency management
  • ventilation control
  • traffic management
  • two-way signalling
  • text message communications
  • equipment and environment monitoring
  • equipment control

Outcome 3: Independent Systems

Some devices could be running without DeepIoT platform to form a separated system product.

Some possible system products are Collision Warning System, traffic control system for tunnels, personal equipment kiosk plus electronic tag station and AI centre.

Outcome 4: Cooperation

This project brings METS, other manufacturers, research organisation (UNSW) and miners together to form a consortium. This consortium and DeepIoT platform create great opportunities to bring more companies in, especially small and medium enterprisers (SME) in METS sector.

Outcome 5: Training

In total, three PhD students will be recruited at UNSW, at the end of this project. They will complete most of their research work in:

  • Collision Avoidance based on UWB and BLE
  • AI platform for DeepIoT data analytics
  • underground tracking and communication