Redwood Technology

We deliver IoT solutions for location tracking & environmental monitoring

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About Us

We are a Sydney based IoT company focusing on research and development of next generation location-aware IoT solutions.

Our solutions combine cutting edge technologies from the 5G network, cloud computing, edge computing, sensor technologies and data science.

We are committed to providing cost effective location-aware IoT solutions with high capacity and low power consumption to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

We initiated the software and firmware development of our solutions from an indoor asset tracking scenario, then extended it to:

  • outdoor geolocation object tracking
  • location-aware indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring
  • location-based indoor work-in-process (WIP) progress tracking

Besides our main product, we also provide general consulting geosenseplus for:

  • IoT or automation/control system architecture and design
  • equipment or device purchase and testing


Our solution is encapsulated as GeoSense+ framework:


Based on a low power high capacity network of NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa and BLE


Multiple options for temperature, luminosity, humidity, accelerometer, geolocation, VOCs, etc.


Leverage cloud computing to deliver highly scalable and reliable software as a service


SDK, APIs and CLI tools are provided for easy integration and development


Based on the GeoSense+ framework, we have solutions for the following scenarios: